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Why I work as a recruitment professional? By Francesca Milton



I love that I've worked in the legal market for 11 years now. I feel I have built up such a strong market knowledge and I love to use that knowledge to help candidates find their perfect job and clients find their perfect recruit. 


I cant think of the last time any two days were the same and I love that. Some days I will spend more time offering advice to people and listening to their needs and other days more time is spent developing business relationships to ensure we are working with the best law firms and legal teams. 


I enjoy the fact I can assist anyone from support staff to paralegals, lawyers and so much more. I am as enthusiastic about finding someone their first job as I am about finding a job for someone who is on a six figure salary! For me, this job is about people. Its about being different to all of the other recruiters out there and offering something special. I like that I have worked for the same company now for eight and a half years and that someone I helped six years ago can and will call on me again and know I am here and ready for them. I also like the fact that I have built up a network of people that trust me and what I do. 


Over the years the job of a recruitment consultant has changed. It involves quick thinking when we need a team of temporary document review staff, heads down time when working on a difficult recruit for a client meaning we have to go into the market to find them someone and team work when there are many requirements all at once to ensure we can keep everyone happy and never fall on quality. 


I look forward to many more years in this business and the many more people I will help along the way... and hey, maybe this is the start of many more blogs! 


Have a great week everyone :-) 


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