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Legal Secretaries


Over the years I have worked with legal secretaries and legal PAs from a wide range of firms and in all areas of law. When helping you get your next job I think it's so important to listen. I am constantly amazed by the amount of work a legal secretary does and how hugely relied upon you are by your partners and solicitors. In fact, I had the good fortune of meeting a legal secretary last week, currently working for a prominent City firm, and she just loves what she does! It was so refreshing to meet someone who has such passion for her job and never sees anything as too much trouble. As we sat mulling her career over, I found myself thinking how lucky the lawyers at her firm are to have her! The multi tasking skills of a legal secretary are second-to-none. This particular lady summed it up perfectly as she explained the variety of the demands of her role. According to her, it is very likely that she could be on the phone to an important client one minute, amending a lengthy document the next and then, before she knows it, sewing on a button in record time whilst the lawyer she works for is in a panic with the client waiting in a meeting room! It's one of those rapidly changing, fire-fighting roles and yet she does it all with a smile and loves every second! Now, this lady isn't yet looking to leave - I simply had the pleasure of meeting her as she needed some advice on her CV and salary level prior to a review meeting at her firm. She may look to move in the future, of course, but for now she is happy and I am just as content to hear so.


I like to think that I can be there for legal secretaries in more times than just that job-hunting process - be that for just a quick chat or to offer advice on what is out there and how it compares to your current role.


You guys are great so just keep on keeping on, as they say! 


Francesca Milton


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