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Why I became a legal recruitment consultant by Jamie Stevens


I was once told that everybody that works in recruitment, falls into it. That nobody grew up throughout their school years pretending to be a recruitment consultant and that sometimes we just gravitate towards it. I feel this is particularly relevant when I think about the change in path I took from training for a career in law to then trying to help others achieve their ambitions within the legal industry.  


I had leaned towards recruitment many times earlier in my career but for various reasons I never actually made the jump. More so than anything I think this was based on the wrong impression I was getting of the recruitment industry when I was being sent to interviews and being told to focus on my traits and how focused I was as an individual and the ambitions I wanted to achieve whilst all along forgetting the genuine difference we can make in people’s lives.  For me there is no better feeling than being involved in every aspect of one of the most pivotal decisions affecting someone’s life, and for that reason a genuine interest in each candidate we see and the reasons behind their move is a prerequisite.  Advising a candidate that the ultimate career path that they had previously viewed as a pipe dream was actually a realistic possibility and knowing the impact of them achieving this dream not just for themselves but their family as a whole is a great feeling.


So I think the main reason I gave up my aspiration of being a Solicitor was because I found the perfect company to assist me in doing the above things within an area I have always wanted to achieve a career, law.  Throughout the five years I have at Law Support it has always been embedded into my thinking that in order for us to be successful we have to identify with everyone that we deal with by building up a strong relationship that will allow us gauge a real understanding of their requirements and therefore find the right outcome.  After all it was when I was struggling as an aspiring paralegal that I came to register with Law Support and had a consultant take the time to find out more about me as a person, so much so that I ended up working here!


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