Recruitment – The best job in the world?


I have worked in recruitment for 13 years now and I love every single day of my job. It constantly changes and challenges me and helping people, offering advice and being the best consultant that I can be is hugely rewarding. I never tire of going the extra mile and giving advice, even to those I can’t help, listening to people and understanding their situations and guiding them as best I can.


I recently met with a facilities manager who hadn’t interviewed for ten years, as that was the last time he was out of work, he was nervous, understandably and also concerned he wouldn’t do a good job. He came to my office and we did a mock interview with me asking questions and assisting with any answers he stumbled on. He went on to get that job and its times like that you just love being able to go that extra mile with someone.


This job really can be 24/7, replying to emails all evening to try and make sure you get back to every single candidate that gets in touch and keeping in touch with those you are currently working with but it really is worth every second. So many great moments, for example, only yesterday I was speaking to a paralegal that was struggling to find work five years ago and he got in touch, he was an LPC graduate back then, fairly standard academics and no real paralegal experience, everywhere he turned the doors closed. I helped him with his first step in his career working for me on a temporary basis then longer term securing him a contract role before he finally found a firm to train with. It’s great to now be helping him once again, with his career move at associate level.


Another story like this was a secretary I met with a few weeks back that I helped three years ago, she had grown in confidence and loved her job, rather than her looking for a move she has referred a few people to me so I was buying her a glass of wine after work! Now that’s a perk of the job!


I have been with The Law Support Group for 9 years and that 10 year anniversary is looming! It’s a great job and I feel I have great knowledge of the legal market now, helping candidates across the board, support staff, paralegals and solicitors.  


I look forward to hopefully many more rewarding years and helping as many people as I can with their careers.


Now.. back to my mounting emails! 

Francesca Milton,

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