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E-discovery integration with voice-to-text in collaboration with Intelligent Voice™


Making eDiscovery and Compliance simple, Intelligent Voice pulls out what is most important in phone calls, from phrases right up to emotional analysis. This, alongside data from email and IM provides you with up-to-date information on what is really going on.

Gathering the data is just half the battle, understanding what is being said on your trading floor is of paramount importance to any compliance officer. Random sampling of voice conversations and email simply is not enough. Compliance Software from Intelligent Voice can highlight key conversations and interactions, enabling you to find the smoking gun before it is fired.

Intelligent Voice allows you to sift through expanding data sets without the need for expensive transcription services. Far more than a transcription tool, its speech recognition software learns what is important in a telephone call, extracts the information and stores a visual representation of the call. Intelligent Voice's search and alert makes it possible to tackle HR Issues before they arise, address data security concerns and monitor physical access to data. Information is taken directly from your network and is quickly assessed for quality while the system fine-tunes itself for future processing and indexing. Detecting unusual phrasing and trapping suspicious activity can be key in monitoring the goings-on within your organisation. These trends and "unknown unknowns" can be pin-pointed using the unique JumpTo technology, saving hours of trawling through thousands of email, IM and voice day by day.

"World's Fastest" speech-to-text
Newly released GPU-based appliances allow for massively parallel processing of speech to text across telephone and broadcast media. Operating at up to 400x real time, Intelligent Voice believes that it now has the World's Fastest commercially available speech to text appliance. Based around Nvidia® GPU technology, Intelligent Voice leverages the massively parallel world of CUDA programming to give blisteringly fast ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) across large data sets.

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