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IPO fee changes will not affect UK business, says leading patent attorney


Patent attorney Reddie & Grose LLP is reminding clients that UK IPO fee changes will take effect on 6 April, with the electronic filing fee increasing by £40 from £20 to £60.


The firm is suggesting that those wishing to file applications with “sizeable specifications” should consider taking action before the new fees come into effect.


Reddie & Grose is an internationally respected firm of EU and UK patent, trademark and design attorneys, with more than 50 intellectual property (IP) patent attorneys based in London and Cambridge.


The firm covers a wide range of sectors, including electronics and software, mechanical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.


Reddie & Grose is advising that, because the UK IPO has confirmed that increased fees will apply to applications made on or after 6 April 2018, applicants with sizeable specifications “may want to consider requesting search and/or examination before 6 April 2018 to avoid paying excess fees”.


Changes to patent application fees from 6 April 2018 include:


  • Increasing the filing fee from £20 to £60 for electronic applications, when paid on filing the application (the increase is higher for paper applications).
  • Introducing a 25% surcharge on the filing fee if the fee is not paid at the time of filing the application, increasing official filing cost to £75 for electronically filed applications.
  • Increasing the search and substantive examination fees by £20, if requested electronically (the increase is higher for paper applications).
  • Increasing the patent renewal fees for the 12th year onwards by £10.
  • Introducing excess claims, excess pages and grant fees.


Reddie & Grose says:


“Despite these changes coming into effect later this year, it will remain possible, under the UK IPO’s fee structure, to establish a priority date without paying any official fees during the first 12 months and to obtain high-quality prior art searches at a low cost.


“The UK should therefore prevail as one of the most attractive jurisdictions for first filings.”


The firm recommends those wishing to file patents should contact it for advice on their specific application before filing, to make sure the application is filed correctly.


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