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When we first established the Company, we had a vision to do the same job but just a lot better than the competition.

The reality of this was much harder to actually achieve than we thought. We set about defining what makes one recruitment company better than the others and found that the majority of our Clients and Candidates said the same things. With this in mind, we focused on training and developing our staff as well as changing their mind sets to perfect the services that we offer.

In doing so, we focus on rewarding our staff handsomely and not just via sales commission. By developing their specific area of expertise and encouraging a professional service, we soon discovered that the quality of the service became much more important than the quantity.   By really  listening to our Clients and Candidates alike, we are able to eliminate room for error and subsequently this leads to more satisfied customers, repeat business and recommendations.

We also allowed our staff to develop long-term relationships with the customer, who in turn always knows who their preferred  first line contact is. This way our customers always get to deal with a known and liked individual who really appreciates the Client’s needs. Our employees are treated like adults and given the right support to deliver the quality product time and time again. As a result, our staff are able to develop professionally and create satisfied employees. In turn, we genuinely see ourselves as an extension of your HR team, with years of first-hand knowledge and in many cases we have worked for the firm far longer than some of their own  staff members.

We have developed our business by hiring quality, intelligent people, mainly through nurturing our staff members and fulfilling their career ambitions.  As we said before, we develop our staff and treat them like adults. As like our Candidates, everyone is different and not everyone wants to run their own section, bit it is nice to be offered the chance!  Everyone here can have that chance if they wish, thus allowing them to develop to the best of their ability.

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