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eBibles & eBundles

The eBible is a document management system that has been specifically created by many providers for solicitors who are involved in the commercial, corporate and criminal law sector. Our e-Bible has been designed to offer an easy to use electronic document management system. The system keeps all of your digital documents structured and indexed together using customisable and easy to follow titles and descriptions so you can locate any document within seconds!

Our Electronic Trial Bundle solution is designed to help legal teams quickly and easily create court bundles, booklets and bibles on a self-assembly basis through a web interface using drag & drop technology. By using powerful and easy to use software court evidence can be swiftly merged, paginated, indexed and printed in complete and hole-punched sets. Electronic bundles as hyperlinked PDF bundles are also created as well as integration with trial presentation software from XBundle.

This is an ideal cost effective solution for any case whether it be just 500 pages of evidence or multiple set of boxes of files. Suitable for trials, arbitrations, planning inquiries, judicial inquiries, inquests or any matter where presentation of electronic evidence is required.

Both solutions improve the day to day running of your project and handles your document management much more efficiently while also strengthening the opportunity for firms to market their corporate identity and increase client portfolio.


Trial bundles
Arbitration submissions & evidence
Witness statements & interviews
Case Exhibits
Deal closing documentation
M&A documents
And any other legal file or document


We will scan all of your case-related documents using the latest edition scanning software and convert them into electronic format for ease of use or take your existing electronic documents and optimise these for use in the eBible or electronic trial bundle. The documents are then made fully text searchable for instant access of information and can even be stored onto a single disk or flash drive with multiple copies available upon request.
We then design and customise for each client in line with their corporate colours, logos and branding.

Further features

Audio & Video capabilities
Indexing & OCR
Last minute revisions
Automatic index creation
Automatic pagination
Hyperlinked PDF bundle that can be sent straight to print
Secure web hosting for shared access


Instant access - documents can be accessed quickly through an easy to use menu or by using a keyword search.
Powerful search capabilities- using fully text searchable documents, offers quick access and is useful for document cross referencing.
Increased production - digital file storage offers reduced research time and compilation of documents.
Reduced need for storage space - documents are only printed when required and documents previously stored in hard copy can be destroyed once digitised.
Shared access - eBible can be shared between partners and associates saving on time and communication.
Environmentally friendly - save on unnecessary printing, postage and delivery of paper documents.
Remote access - from a laptop or PC while in, or away from the office.
Full integration with XBundle.

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