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XBundle - trial bundles & trial presentation services

Document Bundling & Trial Presentation

XBundle is a bundling solution designed to automate time consuming activities to help legal teams easily and accurately produce error free high quality professional document bundles for electronic presentation in court.

XBundle was built from the ground up in a working environment by a leading practising Barrister so that as far as possible the resulting bundle presents as true as possible to an equivalent original paper bundle.

XBundle is displayed as split screen on a single display, which is optimised for use on a 24 inch flat screen monitor on an adjustable low profile stand, to give side-by-side display of whole A4 pages without the need for scrolling or zooming.

XBundle is built with a drag-and drop interface from which a bundle is created that is hyperlinked, indexed, bookmarked, paginated and text searchable which can be tabbed and sub-divided as required. Alternatively Law Support can provide a full service for collection, scanning, conversion and upload of documents into the XBundle environment.

XBundle supports PDF, Word, Excel, most image formats, audio & video.

XBundle is the ideal post review utility for taking documents identified as relevant and arranging those documents for post review, preparation of witness statements, trial bundles or arbitration sets. XBundle can import bundles directly from most document review tools.

XBundle is the total solution for continually arranging and updating bundles with the upmost ease and provides a complete solution for export to print where a hard copy of a finished bundle is required. Each bundle can be exported to PDF so that it can be shared electronically or printed.

XBundle is the only product which can be used seamlessly in parallel with existing paper bundle sets – giving senior members of the litigation team the choice to stay with paper if they wish, while allowing junior members to enjoy the benefits of electronic working.

Innovative firms can impress their clients, and increase client satisfaction and ultimately client retention, by giving them affordable access to the complete bundle set on a USB stick. Professional clients with repeat litigation will particularly welcome the convenience which XBundle provides. It’s a great alternative to A5 mini-bundles.

At trial XBundle provides an integrated electronic evidence presentation solution. Display monitors for the Judge, Counsel and Witness (Jury & Dock for criminal trials) - which synchronise with each parties own laptop with their private copy for annotations and notes – are centrally controlled by the designated member of each parties trial team who serves to act as “page turner” so each monitor will display the same page at the same time without the need for individual input.

Annotations and notes are stored as private layers which are only viewable on the creator machine so there is no risk of inadvertent display of private mark-ups.

XBundle is easily updated over the internet on an incremental basis once completed where late evidence or disclosure needs to be added.

Teams can collaborate on a shared bundle set either standalone or in a hosted environment which allows those acting for a party to litigation to work together on the documents in the bundle set.

XBundle has two collaboration functions: Messaging and Shared Annotations


A user can view a messaging panel which displays messages posted by members of the team.

Shared Annotations

A user can add a sticky note and "publish" the note to the team. The team is notified of the note in the messaging panel, and the note is temporarily attached to the relevant document in the bundle set. A published note appears as a hyperlink within the messaging panel.

Working with the industry’s leading court reporters XBundle can provide real time unedited transcripts as evidence is given. XBundle can link with all of the mainstream transcription services and then provide an edited certified version of the proceedings on a continual updating basis. Future versions of XBundle will also provide audio – and video where allowed – of the proceedings so that can link with the transcript. The power of XBundle allows the transcript to be hyperlinked to the pages in the bundle to provide a truly rich and interactive record.

With hi-tech features such as annotation, collaboration tools, in-bundle real time transcripts and synchronized media viewing, XBundle is built on tradition, but is powered by innovation which is simple to use.

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